Ganondorf VS Dracula (Zelda VS Castlevania) | DEATH BATTLE!

Опубліковано 16 жов 2019
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  • This is 1# ON TRENDING

  • Yusuke Urameshi vs. Rock Lee

  • Scrape and Lick LALALALAALA

  • So..... anyone up for bacon?

  • The animation looks superb.

  • Now THAT was a Death Battle And at the time of me Watching this it is #1 on trending, congratulations guys👍

  • I like how practically everything from this was an asset from Smash Ult.

  • Does anybody just go strait to the comments?

  • You thought it was Dracula but it was I Dio!!!!!!!!!

  • I was gonna be pissed if Dracula lost against Porky Pig

  • I think it’s obvious Ganondorf didn’t even dent Dracula until he used the Triforce of Power, Sage’s sword, and transformed into Ganon. Even then Dracula just walked it off.

  • They should've animated the Sasuke vs Hiei fight

  • Only CONSOLE player can like this I AM A GODLY CONSOLE PLAYER @

  • The dark beast known simply as GAMMON! (wait... isn't that Tim Martin?)

  • I came from DevilArtemis

  • Ig. Christopher.MC

  • They should put AVGN into a Death Battle

  • So who's the animator and why aren't they pinned to the top?

  • Though I don’t necessarily disagree with this outcome, the “research” and calculations are extremely laughable. Plenty of Vs forums out there with proper research and quantifiable feats but you guys always try to go your own route and end up making ridiculous assumptions and head canon variables.

    • malibutaa mind giving an example and not just complaining

  • Damnit not another weeb battle

  • Can I reach 1k subs?

  • Lizard vs killer croc

  • Fight starts 15:00

  • The new goverment buildings will be in butte and bountiful they hate America

  • I'd say that these two are a perfectly even match. The only flaw I see with this didn't is when the triforce left ganon. The only times it let him was when he was being sealed or when the other pieces connect with it. It wouldn't leave unless the happened, and clearly, ganon wasn't sealed or united with the triforces. Love the fight though, I just think that Dracula and ganon would each win 5 out of 10.

  • Very nice animation!

  • So Joker (P5) vs Giorno (JJBA) when?

  • Death Battle number one on trending, wtf???

  • Since Tatsumaki is appearing in the next DB, could Saitama also be part of a future Death Battle episode?

  • 1

  • Great clash of the two greatest darklords would also like to see belmont vs someone even

  • Mob vs Tatsumaki oof, never seen an easier win before.

  • Kinda thought Dracula was gonna win but like, Halfway in I was like hol up. Then I was like oh nope okay.

  • Lord shaxx vs lord Saladon from destiny

  • No one: Me : 16:47 DORIYAH!!!!!!! GAME!

  • Lets be serious here though neither win because they always come back in some shape or form. So in short an infinite battle. I also loved the animation this time it was extravagant. I also would like to ask who would win in a battle Superman or Sentry????

  • T

  • All of a sudden Link is light speed.

  • Well imma call Mob winning the next one

  • Wow number one trending nice. Also the battle was animated really well

  • Well... In smash the results are different.

  • Ripped in half...poor Ganondorf

  • Just like Thanos vs Darkside who's sit there on the throne. Ganon lost because he wasn’t in Nairo’s hands. "I'm a god, how can you kill a god." "What a grand and intoxicating innocence." Gannon: oh I'll just use the triforce Triforce: breaks Gannon: O_O

  • good job for being number1 on trending

  • 8:58 KONO DIO DA

  • Oh

  • Really wanted a Mob vs Tetsuo Death Battle

  • That battle music was awesome! Looking forward to hearing more of that.

  • if Nairo doesnt react to this im rioting

  • I didn't want Gannondorf to lose, but I can't argue with the logic they present I loved that battle though, the first half was like watching anime characters fight and the second half was watching a kaiju battle

  • Goddamn good job DA

  • Ganondorf lost to a teen in tights...🤦‍♂️ He wasn't winning against Dracula. Lol



  • For the next death battle with vampires use Alucard from Hellising and Marcilene from Adventure time.

  • I thought that the guy in the thumbnail was Pearl from Steven Universe.

  • Go watch my videos if you like fortnite ✌

  • Sorry for being slow, but can someone explain to me what happened to Ganon's Triforce of strength? Why did it disappear after Dracula's explosion? Thanks 👍

  • This should not be 1 on trending.

  • Tatsumaki is gonna die...