Meet Galarian Ponyta in Pokémon Shield! 🛡️

Опубліковано 9 жов 2019
Meet Galarian Ponyta, the Unique Horn Pokémon! Galarian Ponyta have been found in a certain forest of the Galar region since ancient times.
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  • The broneys infiltrated us gamers.

  • so...did they make it look that much like Princess Celestia on purpose? If so I want the shiny form to have blue fur and a black mane.

  • Doesn't it remind you of Butt Stallion from Borderlands 2

  • I've never liked Ponyta but OMG... I'm in love now 😍😍😍

  • Since ponyta and rapidash are one of my personal favorites this design alone almost makes me want to actually buy this generation of Pokémon games. Almost. However I quickly come to my senses realizing gamefreak is a bunch of lazy apathetic asses that don’t care anymore. About Pokémon games or the fans. And I should know because I’ve been playing these games longer than some of the people working on Pokémon have been alive.

  • Poor growlithe, another kanto fire type getting the region form. Maybe next game buddy.

  • What type is it? What abilities does it have? Does Rapidash get an evolution or gigantamax form? I need more! NAO!

    • Psychic. Run away and a new ability; Pastel Veil, which prevents poison on it and it's teammates

  • Scout: "Unicorn POWER!"

  • I want this so bad but I want beat as a gym leader!! ! 😫😫😫😫😫

  • *when you pre ordered sword but after this you just went ahead a preordered both*

  • Why isn’t it fairy type?!

  • If Galarian Rapidash is an alicorn, I’m done. 🤣

  • Sooooooooooooooooooo no Galarian Rapidash?


  • A new cat pokemon pls ;(

  • That thing has fairy typing all over it. Welcome back to the meta Rapidash

    • SynsterFear Galarian Ponyta is only a Psychic-type so far. But maybe that could change with Galarian Rapidash? Hmm 🤔

  • If you hear galloping, and turn around, most of the time you will see a horse. RARELY a zebra, but never did I expect this.

  • Pokémon I know this isn't related but you must add furret to super smash bros

  • If you think this shit is a fairy than you don't understand WHY fairy-type is fairy

  • This proofs that Sakura is a brony

  • Oh I’m so getting shield now

  • Lowkey I like that it’s pure Psychic and not Fairy

  • Sword bois:HAHA WE GOT SIRFETCH'D THE EPIC FIGHTING TYPE Shield Heroes: We have Phycic ponyta B*itches

  • When is Garian snivy?

  • She looks so cute!!!

  • I REALLY hope i can transfer my lets go team to shield.

  • They couldn't just make it a water type?? I think that would've been more beautiful.

  • Galarian Rapidash Based on Pegasus, Look Like a Spiral Pegasus and Pegasumon

  • I still like sword, my dad will get the opposite of me so I'll still get it anyways.

  • Anyone else watch this more than once lol like my 10th time watching it

  • Pokemon x my little pony lol

  • I just want to know the official evolutions of the new starters. We’re still a month away though.

  • that's not a pokemon... that's my little pony-ta

  • cute ponyta and her evolution how she is?

  • 0:37

  • Galarian rapidash needs to be either psychic/fairy or have wings or both. Otherwise what's the point

  • A bronys dream.

  • Oh my god look what they done to one of my favorite gen 1 Pokemon Ponyta and Rapidash he's one of the reasons I became a fire type of fan and now they look like this I hate to see with Rapidash looks like

  • I stayed up 24 hours just for a 20 second video to come out smh

  • Please bring serana back she was soooo good in de story

  • By the way, its mane looks like cotton candy.


  • *Mlp:fim* : ended *Nintendo* : well yes but actually no

  • ⚔🛡

  • Depression: Ha! Pokemon Shield: * Shows Galarian Ponyta * Depression: * Ceases to exist *

    • Gamefreak: we did it boys depression is no more

  • Princess Celestia want's to know your location

  • little pony? pokemon lost his identity?

  • Me before I saw this: pokemon sword definitely Me after I have seen this:give me pokemon shield now please

  • *everyone wants sword so they make a ton of shield version exclusives*

  • Well I know what version I want now

  • Go shield!!! 🛡

  • But I’m playing sword

    • :)

    • Trade Online if you want Galarian Ponyta or any other Shield Exclusive for that matter.

  • so its my little pony?

  • My Little Ponyta

  • My little pony fans: *hElLo ThErE.*

  • Yeh havin a team of 6 ponyta now

  • Me seeing Sir'fetched: I'm getting sword no matter what is in shield! Nothing can change my mind. Me seeing Ponyta: Nevermind.

  • Hello Bronies---

  • GO's Pokemon For Sword And Shield 1.Scorbunny 2.Frospless 3.Galarian Ponyta 4.Mudkip 5.Snivy 6.Charmander 7.Skitty 8.Cleffa 9.Iggybuff 10.Torkoal 11.Slugma 12.Skarmory 13.Wingull 14.Swablu 15.Slakoth 16.Solrock 17.Lunatone 18.Tangela 19.Bellsprout 20.Oddish 21.Galarian Natu 22.Carbink 23.Minccino

    • Lanie Mad whoa 22 pokemon in your team too much

  • Deino: oh no I'm 4× weak to fairy sees that it is psychic type Deino:evil grin >:)