Beyoncé- One Plus One (1+1) Lyrics

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  • This one fool I pray for cause her music is everything!🙌🙏

  • I love Beyonce

  • What this song means to me is just be there for your love ones

  • Ma bae & me together soully

  • I don’t know much about fighting but I know I will beat a bitch ass till I win

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  • One plus one equals two period pooh

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  • When she says darling you got enough for the both of us Pull me in close and don’t let me go

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  • So we gon act like she didn’t say algeba

  • I think I'd shed literal tears at a Beyonce concert

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  • Everybody that knows me know I love Beyonce! She's one of my idols. But baby 1+1 is arithmetic not algebra. So she definitely was telling the truth when she said she don't know much lol. I love you bey ,😘

  • Every time I listen to this song I cry so bad

  • I can truly say I found my soulmate and I dedicated this song to him

    • Congratulations boo I did too.🎉🎊

  • Beautiful song

  • If I ain't got Nothing I got you My future husband waiting for the right man to come into my life so I can sing this to him cause I want him to know how I really feel about him I will sing this on my wedding day with tears in my eyes cause I really mean it don't care bout what people think long as I got u love of my life until death do us part

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  • My name is randi. I write this cause i lost woman i love so much. Do to not changing for her. She was my world my everything not she gone cause of my me. All i want to said if you love that someone. Show cause time can run out like for me

  • This song just speaks to me

  • the one I want acts like I dont even exist... its 1 + none for me 😔

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  • After 42 years of failures, heart aches, tears and years thrown in the garbage. I found my 1+1... just make love to me Ivan M. 😍 te amo 🇭🇳❤️🇲🇽

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  • Beyonce this song speaks to my spirit because I still love it as much today in 2019 one of my favorites you are a true Queen 💃🎶

  • If i ain't got nothing ive still got me. Gotta love yourself before you're capable of truly loving anyone else.

  • hay girl love this song I got god and jesus they is the people if I ant got nothing god and jesus is there

  • My babyyyy/wifey😩😍

  • Adding this to my wedding playlist

  • Who's a man? And got beyonce? And let her space to ask for love?

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