Vasyl Lomachenko "Perfect Fighter" Pt-1 highlights footwork

Опубліковано 20 вер 2016
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  • His footowork is amazing.

    • Its the V-step,first created by willie pep the godfather of footwork

    • @Beaujangles McJiggle that's Mike Tyson swifting style. Fuck your bullshido systema mongoloid moves. You know shit about boxing.

    • not russian, russians don not have great champions like Lomachenko and Klitchko

    • He's not a Russian. He's Ukrainian.

    • markdoubleu01 looooooololool.... obviously you don’t know how he got there.... no accident, why do Russians dominate fighting?

  • Бесспорно талант боксера заключается в том чтобы поставить его в беспомощное положение👍


  • Name the song? Pofavor

  • His fight vs Mayweather could be interesting

  • 2:03 WTF this footwork is insane

  • beatifull before=sleep music

  • The only active boxer that doesnt completly suck

  • Машина💪💪💪💪

  • Quien es el entrenador de vasil lomachenko

  • Aka minato

  • Song????

  • Everyone calls me crazy when i say this man is probably the best boxer ever... Funny thing is they all are black people calling Loma "white hope"... A lot of racism in this sport man, really sad

  • rise of Lomachenko on my channel

  • У него есть поражение?

  • Trek pliz

  • Trek go?

  • Что за трек?пожалуйста.

  • here for tom day, praise

  • Oi share the cheat code Lomo ya dawg 👌🏽

  • este amigo tiene algo en la mente :"se lo que estoy haciendo,y funciona"

  • Lionel Messi of modern boxing

  • anyone hating on lomachenko is usually a racially biased loon

  • idk why but his footwork reminds of tyson's

  • LOMA the Best of the Best in alll time !

  • The perfect boxer🥊🙏

  • as we know human body has the limit with our age... if you want to win on lomachenko this the time at the maximum body limit with her age... dont waiting until lomachenko get reach at age 40, loma "dancer" in boxer NEED MANY STAMINA AND POWER and not suitable for old man... thats not fair fighting with old man... but with manny mybe its ok hahaha... manny just go on what ever younger boxer then him...

  • En México lo llaman el Boxeador perfecto!

  • Erlich du bist der beste man beste Boxer habe lange nicht son guten Boxer gesehen du bist der größte

  • He cheat, 3 second cooldown in flash. XD

  • The best ever !! Priod !!

  • Атмманы рулят

  • Que buen boxeador es

  • A este pongaselo a canelo :v

  • Rip pacqiao

  • The best p4p fighter in the world. His amateur record should be perfect too. Was robbed of that perfect record by shady decisions. A beast of a fighter. Like Campbell your fucked son

  • Красавчеггг

  • TEAM.😎.🇺🇦.🔔LOMA.17.Boxing🌟🥊.🥇.🥇🌍.vord.and P4P.numer.1👊.💪🇺🇦👏🔔⭐.⛰.vasyl.🧔lomachenko.🌟.

  • 3:10 this action, great one!!!

  • Wow... Am I the only one noticing he does really look like CHUCK NORRIS ? :O