It's Time To Move On...

Опубліковано 8 жов 2019
Thank you, we'll see you guys soon.
Thank you so much Shane -
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  • Update to anyone who doesn't have twitter instagram or snapchat... THE TWINS JUST ANNOUNCED THAT A VIDEO IS COMING, ITS IN THE EDITING PROCESS 😄 ❤

  • You guys have to give yourself time to grief over the loss of your dad. I know exactly what your going through I lost my dad in February of this year and it still feels unreal every day but with time and talking about it has helped me accept it for what it is. It’s ok to go take a break and spend time with your family, if people have a problem with it then they aren’t truly supporting you. I’m glad you guys are recognizing these problems now ❤️

  • Only watching this video because Shane's in it

  • I just came across this video, and I gotta say, losing a parent shifts who you are and who you were meant to be. I don't know you. But I'm proud you reached out for advice. You need to take time, you need to make your mental health a focus.

  • You guys really need to invest in yourselves. Your mental health is more important then anything.

  • Mother *Shane* at it again

  • i love you do u still have the foam pit if you do you should last to leave or something xx

  • I love shane, he is so caring! #dadofyoutube Also, take a break, focus on yourselfs!

  • Chutiya log

  • So like dude you mean like, we have to ,like, increase our IQ above 0 ? Bro, how ?

  • God bless you

  • Shane is the UK-videos therapist

  • These Guys Fully Have My Respect! Take all the time you need! Im here for any journey you wanna take us on!

  • I’m 15 and I know 3 friends who have lost a parent, and two who lost a brother, it’s super hard, they said they never get over it, they just learnt to live with it and time is the greatest healer

  • do what you want to do its your life i will pray for you love you

  • honestly who disliked this

  • We will allways support you guys and everything you do, it's amazing you don't have to be sceard to show who you really are and how you feel we will allways support you guys...and I'm being honest I cried a littel bet seing how you really feel about this...just stay truth to your sealf happy...celebrate life.

  • ❤️

  • okay but why not vlog there? 😂

  • Grayson and Ethan, you don't have to hold on to something in the past that was good but isn't good for you now anymore, like you both always say you've grown and things change, that doesn't mean it's lost, it will stay good and you blessed us as much as i know you feel we've blessed you. But YT is just a social media platform, it's okay to put the camera down and enjoy your real life, speak to people face to face without the camera in the room and wake up deciding then and there what you want to do with your day, instead of force yourself to do or be something for others and not yourself.

  • *What no you can't do this to me I was about to say I want daily videos and now your doing this to me, how do you sleep at night I'm sad how dare you*

    • It's a joke before y'all sue me :/

  • How could anyone dislike the video

  • I'm actually 26 and started watching them by accident, cause Russians are not aware of them. They shouldn't worry, it is not that hard to see that they have a much deeper personality. My dad died of cancer just a few days ago after 2 years of battling (we all had to keep it a secret). Their videos somehow helped me to go through the rough patch. I'm still lost, devastated, burned out and completely alone, but they give me hope. These boys have a strong moral compass and already are on the way of becoming truly noble men. So if you read this... Dear Ethan and Grayson, thank you. Everything you do is very appreciated. But sometimes for the sake of your own mental health, it is important to remember that you owe nothing to no one. Take your time and be happy.

  • This is gay.

  • You guys should try famous Tiktok dances

  • First of all any changes that you'll be making I'm sticking with you brothers ❤️❤️ you guys mean so much to me making me smile and laugh and waiting for that notification will keep me going through the days ❤️ and second.. Shane you are an amazing person ❤️

  • noooooooooo im literally crying but it's ok because I couldn't post weekly because I would have forgotten on the 2nd week lol

  • We love you. Take care of yourselves. Everyone deserves a break sometimes.

  • no one: literally no one: Grayson: LET’S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOO

  • leave youtube and live your life for minimum a year

  • I miss you so bad!!

  • I just have one thing to say. I love y’all toe nail paint👌🏻

  • ok will go find a different youtuber because LDshadowlady now posts once a month

  • Hey...Its okay to take your time ya know?I lost my dad when I was 3 and it was a really hard experience for me and I dfinitley know how you feel.I hope you gt better! so many people will understand what your going through.We will wait for you both!💖🤗

  • I can relate since it's just like "coming out". You don't want to show a part of you because you are afraid.

  • Damn i cried

  • Hi everyone, they announce it at 10:54

  • I guess they need to update the banner now

  • People keep pushing Ethan aside and it makes me sick. He has such a huge heart and is so down to earth. Kinda glad that everyone doesn't see it, actually. I would love to spend a day just hanging out with Ethan.

  • i guess it is time to unsubscribe.

  • i dont get it. everyone watching it has the impression that your videos are your ideas, you have help with recording, but you are doing everything alone, and that is so stressful. but nah, you are actually paying other people to do all the work besides acting you in the videos. how is that stressful? you are not more than actors who are at the same time producers by now. that is actually not what any of your viewers is interested in.

  • You guys are not douchebages you are amazing

  • 🧡🖤

  • We r missing u dolan twins😑😑😢😢😢

  • Anyone wanna summarize this video?

  • 😕 guys if you need a couple days take a couple day if you need a couple months take a couple months if you need a couple YEARS take a couple years whatever is best for you do it 💓

  • Grayson and Ethan are Sagittarius' they tend to carry some of the friendliest, most energetic and sincere personalities. However, Sags are known to be extremely attracted to adventure and love freedom, to the point that if it is taken away from them they tend to break down. In reality here, Grayson and Ethan are going thru adulthood as men tend to mature around age 19-20, they're craving to explore, to find themselves and spend hours of things they enjoy doing and I really doubt they'll ever want to go back to not having that once they spend more time with themselves. I'm happy for them! I wish them the best, I think they really need this time more than ever to really live life a little more outside of the UK-videos world, and to really dedicate some of their time to the people who truly care and are most important to them, which is their family. I am really sorry about your loss as well, I am sure you're dad is smiling more than ever right this second seeing you grow up.

  • Although I’m going to miss them so much, I support them no matter what they do 💜

  • I relate so much to the Dolans, I’m also a twin and we have gone through similar things in life. I can’t imagine how they feel, not even being able to grieve and take time off. I lost my dad just a month after I turned 20. He also had cancer and died 2 years after he was diagnosed. It’s been over 6 years since he passed and I’m finally in a better place emotionally, but the first 3 years were rough. I’m so happy for them, their dad surely would be proud. 💛

  • “Build a life you don’t need a vacation from.” I’m still figuring out how to get there but I’m glad that you guys are starting. Good luck.

  • 51:30 and 51:37. THAT is when the tears came for me. Oh my God I lost it. I’m so incredibly proud of them.

    • Their smiles at 58:08 are so real and sweet and genuine. I am so excited for the future for them

  • Sorry I couldn’t watch the whole thing cause I was busy but I’m confused? Are y’all quitting UK-videos or something)

  • I never noticed all those tats

  • This made me so happy and sad , but I’m excited for they’re future

  • when ethan said he has lost relationships does he mean emma ???? :( if yes that makes me sad

  • Let’s frkn get it! GROW never FOLD

  • Check out Pinterest 📍

  • why are their toe nails painted LOL 54:00

  • Guys do what makes YOU happy. I know your fans are very important to you and you don’t want to let them down but at what cost? What’s the point in trying to make others happy when you aren’t happy yourself? Please take a step back and just do what you guys enjoy because nothing else matters.

  • Wheres my Tuesday update 😭