DEAR NEW YORK JETS.. (and every other NFL team)

Опубліковано 10 вер 2019
After seeing how the New York Jets kicker and other kickers around the NFL struggled, I decided to make a case for myself..
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  • If you watch the whole video, you can hear my whole album playing in the background 🤔

    • your kicking a field goal with no defense in front of you and no congrats...thats why nobody takes it seriously in the league dude.

    • Deestroying I hope you play for the Jets you are a God Kicker :)

    • Or refs be like

    • U should do different refs be like

    • Deestroying In your next vid at the start yell YEET

  • Could you got to Atlanta because I could watch you

  • now add a full stadium

  • Bruh, any kicker worth their salt can kick 70 yards, but if you can't put it through the uprights consistently while under pressure, it means DICK!! Stick to UK-videos videos.

  • Why not try out for a team?

  • holly crap 65 yrds that beats the original record of 63 yrds set by Don Dempsy sign this guy

  • No pads on/ No rush/ No pressure/ Weather also has a huge factor, ur a great kicker and im not gna judge but it doesent look good hating on jets kicker when u 1st start vid. Just put pads on, get some boyz to rush u and kick in rain and wind so itll take days to make a real vid for NFL. Dnt let noone tell you that u cant cuz u def got talent

  • Wear pads you’ll get noticed

  • 85

  • You need to go to the cots Adam vinetari missed 6 field goals in 2 games

  • Would love to see you on the Colts when Adam V. retires. You would fit in great in that locker room and the culture they are building.

  • He deserves nfl man

  • Mate your a kicker you shouldn’t be sweating

  • U should come to our game next week it’s our homecoming In Atlanta Texas we ranked #7 in state of Texas in 3A

  • Randomly found you. I was watching woodworking videos, but good luck bro. Get your dreams!

  • I think d is ready

  • Do this with full pads

  • As a Jet fan I appreciate Talent when I see it. You're kicking skills are great. Because of you making 15 out of 18 field goals that puts you at 83 .33% but if you're one of those people that really want to get technical and round it to the closest whole number it's really 83% just to say. But I'm not going to lie great job on your kicking skills and I would love to have you as our kicker and I wish you nothing but the best of luck and I hope to God you make it on to an NFL team.

  • When he said I promise I was like swear to god b

  • Jack Paul was salty in that track video

  • Colts hosted a training camp ?!?!

  • The more bad ones you get out, the less you'll have

  • Good luck to you in your journey in trying to find a team that would sign you.

  • Talk to the Vikings pls we need a really good kicker I bet are coach would hire you in a heartbeat!

  • Pitt just beat UCF

  • if u want to make it 100% uncut you should speed up the video instead of cutting when you go get the balls ;)

  • How are you not already in the hall of fame!!!!?? Keep it up bro

  • If you really wanted them to believe you their is no cuts you shoulda just sped up the video a lot when u were getting em

  • 1. Your not wearing pads which are heavier 2. you can focus way more because no people are screaming while your kicking 3. No people are trying to block your kick 4. some kickers can kick father than you can in practice because practice is not a real game 5. you have many chances to do it if you miss you can try again but you can’t try again in a real league game 6. That looks like a high school field and it looks the goal posts are wider I can think of more Also btw even if no blockers doesn’t make a difference because the others do

  • Come to Lawton

  • Tried to by a bang but I couldn’t bc I wasn’t 18

  • Note: NFL and NCAA goal posts are 18 feet, 6 inches wide. High school goal posts are 23 feet, 4 inches wide.Jan 28, 2017

  • Seriously he is kicking overly inflated footballs. Get any kicker in the nfl right beside him and he would be laughed off the field.

  • I’m a really big fan I’m a kid

  • Nice

  • Try doing it with pads on

  • How this man not recruited yet

  • Ok so I finally tried a bang and it was great 😂😂

  • good luck

  • Where king troy been at in your videos try out for wide receiver spot

  • Go for the cowboys

  • Can u come to my game Sunday at Trojans field in Erie

  • Nice kicking but you have to do it with nfl talent running at you to block the kick with all the pressure on your shoulders

  • Where's Gary Vee at?

  • The Bears should sign you, the Bears lost there playoff hopes last year because of a missed kicks

    • Aidan Gaughan he’s still a rookie, and they have played only 2 games

    • Twistr yeah but they have a good kicker now

  • You go boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patriots pls

  • Bro road to 2mil baby

  • Bruh just go to the combine to tryout. Ill lyk now, you better be able to punch 45yards anywhere from sideline to sideline. Just watched the punting combine, that shit is hard

  • You couldn't just fast forward where you fetch the ball tho?

    • There’s always got to be one sceptical hater. 🤔😐

  • “Ten pushups!” “Does 11”

  • Are you at Kelly Field???

  • your music kinda clean no cap

  • Keep in mind high school goalposts are so much wider than they are in the NFL.

  • Am I the only one who finds it odd that you cannot hear his foot hit the ball after the first two kicks?? Im just saying, could be legit.....but seems odd.

  • I’m pulling for you! Tired of these same bad kickers just circulating thru the teams

  • You gotta get out there more, just vids won’t cut it

  • Deestroying is a 89 or 90% kicker at least give him a tryout.

  • Dee: hits a 70 yrd fg NFL: Soccer player hits a 58yrd fg NFL:👀👀👀

  • Got me beat. 24 years ago when I was 33 playing for the Milwaukee Express semi-pro team I could only clear in game 54 yards against Palos Orland Force IL.